About MECA Mission and Values

MECA is a community-based nonprofit organization committed to the healthy development of underserved youth and adults through arts and cultural programming, academic excellence, support services and community building.




MECA’s vision is to be a nationally-recognized multicultural community center known for its:

  • High-quality instruction, performance and demonstration of the performing, visual and cultural arts
  • Excellent academic and social support services for youth and their families
  • Leadership in building partnerships that celebrate cultural diversity
  • Special events and celebrations that reflect our diverse communities




MECA is a place where students are:

  • Encouraged to explore their artistic inclinations
  • Able to express themselves creatively
  • Given many opportunities for success
  • Free to make mistakes
  • Able to gain the self-confidence that comes from achievement
  • Taught the importance of discipline to achieve artistically and academically
  • Accepted and valued
  • Respected and respectful of others
  • Safe and comfortable


MECA is an organization that emphasizes:

  • Justice
  • Openness
  • Equity
  • Creativity to nurture artistic growth and expression
  • Individual respect
  • Caring attitudes 
  • Diversity within community